Tianzhihua Group: There are two major production bases: Jiaxing Tianzhihua Jet Weaving Co., Ltd. and Yibin Tianzhihua Textile Technology Co., Ltd.

    Jiaxing Tianzhihua Jet Weaving Co., Ltd. was established in January 2002. It is a private textile enterprise with a registered capital of 101.88 million yuan. The company thus weaves in Wangjiangjing, a famous town in China. The company now has 97 sets of Japan’s latest Murata vortex spinning machines, German Trützschler blowing-carding unit, Uster autoleveling draw frame and other equipment, as well as foreign advanced technology yarn testing instruments, which can produce various eddy currents annually. Spinning 4 yarns, with Japan Toyota JAT 710-230, JAT 810-230 air-jet looms, a total of 320, including 160 jacquard dobby machines, which can produce cotton fabrics, blended fabrics, cotton/polyamide, cotton polyester, nylon/cotton Interlace, imitation silk, Tencel and four-way stretch Yibin Tianzhihua Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is the vortex spinning production base of Tianzhihua Group in Sichuan Province. The total scale is planned to be equipped with 336 Japanese Murata vortex spinning machines. At present, the first phase of plant construction and equipment installation has been completed, and 112 Japanese Murata vortex spinning machines have been put into production, and they are equipped with world-class front-end equipment and measuring instruments like the Jiaxing branch. The company is based on the business strength of "creating a brand with quality and seeking development with a brand", and has won the trust of many customers with its good reputation and recognized products!

    Ecological technology,effective production equipments

    The company currently produces 108 Taiwanese village of vortex spinning machine, the development of the goal of 200 vortex spinning machine, with an annual output of the Class yarn 50,000 tons. World-class spinning equipment coupled with skilled employees, is the absolute guarantee of product quality, is to allow customers Satisfied absolute quality.

    Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job

    Company technical equipment well, the company has Japan's Toyota JAT710-230 and JAT810 air-jet looms 320, Japan Imports Tsudakoma TTJ sizing machine, GA308 sizing machine, high-speed batch warping machine and various ancillary equipment, with an annual output of cotton, Imitation silk fabric 30 million meters. Vortex spinning not only feel good, less hairiness characteristics, but also has excellent anti-pilling and wear resistance, super hygroscopic and Resistant to washing, and not easily deformed.

    High-grade Fabric

    Fabrics can not only interpret the wind of clothing Grid and features, and directly around Clothing color, shape the table effect fruit.

    Auto Seat

    The current seat cover fabric mainly suede, Cotton, deerskin, ice silk, sandwich, Satin net, South Korea velvet, PU, etc., according to I like to choose a suitable seat for the car seat Fabric.

    Cascual Wear

    Casual clothes are people in the leisure life in a variety of activities to wear clothing. And sportswear have a considerable proportion of weight Part, often can be used interchangeably. Cascual wear is also highly relevant to a modern way of life, paying attention to life Quality, emphasis on leisure life important values led to the popularity of casual wear.

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